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Steve Krupp

Steve Krupp Senior Managing Partner

Steve Krupp is driven by a passion for understanding what makes organizations tick. “I like to get at the disconnections that undermine a company’s potential to succeed, and to help them see how open dialogue and risk taking can make a difference in how they lead in the face of uncertainty and design strategic change.” Read Full Bio »

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Franklin Shen

Franklin Shen Senior Consultant

Franklin Shen is a Senior Consultant in the Philadelphia office of DSI. He focuses on helping both organizations and leaders grow, develop, and succeed in any environment. His expertise in the process, technology, analytical skills have helped him to develop strategic plans, competitive strategies, and growth agendas for a number of clients. Read Full Bio »

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Paul Schoemaker

Paul Schoemaker Founder and Executive Chair

Paul Schoemaker, DSI’s founder and Executive Chair, is a leading scholar, a visionary author, and an entrepreneur in both business and philanthropy. When asked about his remarkable breadth of influence, Paul says, “I try to live at the intersection of multiple fields, both academically and professionally, and stay true to a unifying theme – how to manage uncertainty.” Read Full Bio »

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Arjen van den Berg

Arjen van den Berg Partner

Dr. Arjen (AJ) van den Berg is a Partner at DSI where he is the manager and co-founder of the European office in London. AJ brings strategy to the fore and challenges leaders to embrace it as a core and continuous focus. He has spent the past two decades sharing his skills and knowledge in scenario planning and business strategy around the world. Read Full Bio »

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Eric Skoritowski

Eric Skoritowski Associate

Eric is an Associate at DSI’s Philadelphia office. He brings a passion for analytics and scientific decision making to his work at DSI. Eric graduated with a B.A. in Biology and a minor in Statistics from the University of Pennsylvania. He has extensive research experience, having conducted independent research projects through the Wharton School, Duke University, and Universidad de Costa Rica. Eric has also held business development and marketing roles within unique health care markets through[…]

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Michelle Parks

Michelle Parks

Michelle is a Senior Associate in the Philadelphia office of DSI. She possesses strong communication skills and approaches problem solving through a combination of objectivity, thorough analysis, and a broad worldview. She previously served as an analyst for an international energy trade association, engaging with public and private stakeholders on strategic projects, advocacy, and communications. Read Full Bio »

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Jarrad L. Roeder

Jarrad L. Roeder Strategy & Leadership Consultant

Jarrad Roeder, a Consultant in DSI’s Conshohocken office, has a passion for solving business problems. He founded his own IT consultancy as early as high school, helping clients diagnose and solve complex technology issues. Today, he enjoys working with DSI’s largest Technology and Financial Services clients to diagnose and solve their high-stakes business strategy and leadership issues. Read Full Bio »

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Camelia Ram

Camelia Ram Consultant

Camelia Ram, a Consultant at DSI’s London office, is passionate about the intersection of scenarios with strategy – “I am fascinated by the process of exploring a deeply uncertain future as a means of providing unique, value-added insights.” Camelia brings a detail-oriented approach to planning interventions, and an intellectual curiosity to task and process. She works on a broad spectrum of clients in energy, financial and public sectors. Good news? Bad news? Stay the course.

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  • Yulia Barnakova

    Yulia Barnakova Consultant

    Yulia Barnakova serves as a Consultant at DSI, working with clients to transform their business and talent strategies to adapt to increasing uncertainty and changing market dynamics. Her work helps organizations push the boundaries of their own thinking and truly see the world differently. Read Full Bio »

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    John Austin

    John Austin Principal

    John Austin, an award-winning researcher and engaging teacher, is fascinated by the different ways that people react to, and inspire, change. “I’ve begun to see that it isn’t about charisma, but about process and perseverance.” As a Principal in Executive Development, he explores a fundamental question: how do great leaders catalyze transformation? Read Full Bio »

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    Roch Parayre

    Roch Parayre Senior Partner

    A master teacher and world-class speaker, Dr. Roch Parayre is a strategist who blends rigor with contagious enthusiasm. He urges leaders and organizations towards new ways of thinking: “My job is to energize people – both in the classroom and in the boardroom. If you aren’t passionate about your strategy, you’ll never get the buy-in you need to grow and transform your business.” Read Full Bio »

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    Samantha Howland

    Samantha Howland Senior Managing Partner

    Samantha Howland, DSI Senior Managing Partner, has spent her career at the intersection of strategy and talent development. She’s a pragmatist who works with clients to turn vision into action: “I listen carefully to a leader’s passion, vision, and energy and boil it down to a plan that mobilizes a whole organization to move in the same direction.”

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    Nick Turner

    Nick Turner DSI Affiliate

    Advisor, corporate strategist and scenario thinker, Nick Turner has over 25 years of experience offering counsel to senior decision makers at leading multi-national corporations and governments. Nick has led a diverse range of strategic projects, across multiple sectors and geographies, but with a particular deep expertise in financial services. He has also helped corporate clients to better understand and manage key strategic and operational risk and advised governments / public sector organisations[…]

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    Toomas Truumees

    Toomas Truumees Managing Partner, Healthcare & Life Sciences

    Toomas Truumees, a Partner at DSI, has worked with a number of prestigious healthcare organizations. He is a trusted advisor with boards and senior management teams in the development of strategies designed to thrive in complex uncertain environments. He has successfully developed and led a variety of healthcare strategic initiatives and planning projects throughout the US, EU, and Asia. Recently, Toomas was the project director and co-author of The Future of Pediatrics 2020 and The Future of Healthcare[…]

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    Robert Lippert

    Robert Lippert Principal

    Dr. Robert Lippert, a Principal at DSI, is a financial economist who has held corporate, consulting and academic positions in the areas of strategy and finance. He utilizes his more than two decades of business experience in the Americas, Asia and Europe to assist organizations in developing and executing strategies to achieve sustainable financial success. Read Full Bio »

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    Janet Castricum

    Janet Castricum Principal

    Janet Castricum, a Principal in DSI’s Financial Services practice, believes that “effective strategy execution drives success: companies must both continuously monitor the environment to craft relevant strategies and select and develop executives with the right skill sets in order to win in today’s uncertain environment.” Read Full Bio »

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    Tolga Vural

    Tolga Vural Partner

    Tolga is a corporate strategist who helps organizations develop growth strategies and drive them for results. Tolga’s work has enabled clients to grow successfully in new ways, leveraging innovation, customer centricity, branding and marketing initiatives as well as strategic partnerships, alliances and acquisitions. Read Full Bio »

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    Corey Phelps

    Corey Phelps DSI Afilliate

    Corey Phelps, Ph.D., a DSI affiliate educator, is an award-winning teacher, researcher Associate Professor of Strategy and Business Policy at HEC Paris. Prior to joining HEC, Dr. Phelps was an Assistant Professor and Neal & Jan Dempsey Faculty Fellow in the Management and Organization Department at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington (USA). Read Full Bio »

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    Jim Austin

    Jim Austin Principal

    Jim Austin, a Principal at DSI, approaches his work with intellectual interest as well as a sense of adventure. His early career led him to Botswana, where he helped advise the government on the formation of parastals like Botswana Power Corporation. “I’ve always been interested in how businesses evolve and thrive, and sought out experiences where I could see them at a moment of change.” Read Full Bio »

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    Franck Schuurmans

    Franck Schuurmans Principal

    Franck Schuurmans, a Principal at DSI, brings intellectual rigor and passion for metamorphoses to deliver results to his clients that push boundaries. “To be brief, I’m a thinker and a teacher. This means I work tirelessly to drive senior executives to the edge of what they believe is possible for themselves and their businesses, and then I show them how to get there. Usually, we have a little fun along the way.” Read Full Bio »

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    DSI Decision Strategies International

    DSI is a recognized leader in co-creating dynamic strategies and forward thinking leadership capabilities with the world’s top organizations so they can profit from realities that haven’t happened yet. In a constantly changing, uncertain world, traditional planning and leadership approaches no longer suffice. An adaptive, strategic team and organizational system provide the best formula for long-term success. Read About DSI »

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