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Nanda Ramanujam

DSI Affiliate

Nanda Ramanujam, PhD, MBA, is a strategic partner/ affiliate with Decision Strategies International (DSI), focused on expanding DSI’s Government and Technology Consulting practice with a base in the Washington DC metro area. He has been a technology and strategy executive across multiple industries, from Telecom and Healthcare to Defense, as well as in the new ventures space, both as an entrepreneur and as an investor. With his deep and broad technical background, Nanda brings a richly-informed perspective on the challenges of leveraging technology for strategic advantage, from successfully managing innovation in complex organizations, identifying capability gaps, and sourcing innovation for new growth opportunities, to uncovering new market potential for a company’s products. 

Most recently, Nanda was CTO at DRS Technologies, the U.S. subsidiary of the defense multinational Finmeccanica, where he managed the company’s innovation portfolio and led new initiatives in Biometrics, Video Analytics, Adaptive Radars, and Infrared and Millimeter-wave Sensing. He was also Founder and CEO of an Angel-backed Medical Devices startup, and led technical development of breakthrough Fiber Optic Telecom products at Tyco Telecom and at the venture-backed startup Dorsal networks. Nanda has collaborated with Paul Schoemaker, DSI’s Founder and Executive Chairman, over the last 10 years, and has made important contributions to several Scenario Planning-based Strategy studies in the Biosciences and Medical Devices sectors. Nanda also co-authored the book, Chips, Clones and Living beyond 100 with Paul Schoemaker. Nanda currently also heads up RCG, an independent Washington-DC based technology management consultancy working with small businesses to exploit opportunities in Sensors, Big Data Analytics, and Wireless Communications. Nanda says, “I have a passion for transforming innovation into great businesses, and I really enjoy helping companies succeed by forming innovation networks and partnerships, targeting blue-ocean opportunities, and developing an entrepreneurial mindset.” 

Nanda has a BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT, PhD in Optics from University of Arizona, performed postdoctoral research at MIT’s Research Laboratory of Electronics, and earned an MBA in Strategy and Finance from Wharton where he was Ford Fellow at the Mack Institute for Management of Emerging Technologies. Nanda has over 10 patents to his credit, has published and presented several peer-reviewed technical papers, and has been an invited speaker at prestigious conferences, including a special seminar at the legendary Bell Laboratories. He lives in Potomac, Maryland, with his family, and enjoys devoting what spare time he has to his likewise over-scheduled twin children.