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Arjen van den Berg


Dr. Arjen (AJ) van den Berg is a Partner at DSI where he is the managing director and co-founder of the European office in London. Arjen brings strategy to the fore and challenges leaders to embrace it as a core and continuous focus. He has spent the past two decades sharing his skills and knowledge in scenario planning and business strategy around the world. He is committed to helping leaders improve their strategic thinking in the face of uncertainty. 

Working with executives, HR departments, and boards, Arjen helps clients navigate business challenges in the midst of complex market disruptions and changing business models. He has worked closely with world-leading multinational clients across diverse industries, including Deutsche Bank, National Grid, BP, GE, Microsoft, US Navy, Vodafone, Credit Agricole, Aviva, Transocean, RSA, Blackrock, and RBS. He is a trusted advisor to senior management teams and has led a range of strategy and leadership programs at all levels. Arjen’s unique expertise includes stress-testing business strategies, building forward-looking organizations, and future studies as well as developing innovation programs and cross-industry learning journeys. Recently, Arjen has utilized his unique skill set in working extensively with a large Financial Services institution to help them innovate, develop resilient strategy, and improve current and future leadership. 

Arjen’s consulting career started at Bain & Company. Prior to that, he conducted post-doctoral research at Stern School of Business (NYU), working with renowned strategy professors and co-authoring a number of academic papers on long-term strategic planning.   

Arjen earned his Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. He also holds a BA in Business Administration from the Amsterdam School of Business and a degree in Marketing from the Dutch institute of Marketing (NIMA A and B). Arjen is a native of the Netherlands and he is fluent in both German and English. Arjen has also contributed to various articles on scenario planning and leadership which can be found in publications such as Inc., the Financial Times, and the European Financial Review.