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Computerworld discusses “Managing Mavericks”

Published: February 2, 2006

Computerworld examines the question, “Are mavericks treasured resources or pains in the neck?” The article presents the view that it may depend on one’s ability to channel their energy. Paul… Read more »

Paul Schoemaker chosen to speak at the Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference on “Managing Emerging Technologies”

Published: November 11, 2005

The Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference provides a forum for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and industry thought leaders to exchange ideas and best practices to help promote the creation of new enterprises. For… Read more »

Stategic Management Society to recognize and honor the contributions of DSI’s Dr. Paul Schoemaker

Published: October 25, 2005

Celebrating their 25th anniversary, Strategic Management Society is the leading academic strategy society in the world. At their annual conference, SMS recognized and honored significant contributors to the development of… Read more »

Canada’s newspaper for financial advisors quotes DSI’s Roch Parayre

Published: September 23, 2005

Investment Executive discusses building your business by navigating the “blue ocean” market space. Decision Strategies International applies the discussed concepts through value innovation. This article highlights key examples through Roch… Read more »

DSI ranked as one of the 2005 top 100 fastest-growing, privately-held businesses in the Philadelphia region

Published: September 19, 2005

Decision Strategies International, Inc was ranked as one of the 2005 top 100 fastest-growing, privately-held businesses in the Philadelphia region by the Philadelphia 100®, a joint project of the Wharton… Read more »

DSI referenced in “The Federal Credit Union Online”

Published: September 3, 2005

Decision Strategies International,Inc. is referenced in the Sept/October issue of The Federal Credit Union Online. The online newsletter, published by The National Association of Federal Credit Unions, recently released an… Read more »

The work of DSI CEO Paul Schoemaker referenced in CFO Magazine

Published: June 1, 2004

In “Avoiding Decision Traps”, Edward Teach refers to Paul Schoemaker’s work in order to warn of using heuristics and oversimplifying in decision making under uncertainty. Click here to read the… Read more »

DSI CEO Paul Schoemaker quoted in the Financial Times

Published: April 20, 2004

Michael Skapinker refers to Paul Schoemaker’s work and the Wharton conference on “peripheral vision” in his article “What 9/11 can teach business”. Click here to read the article. Read more »

DSI’s Scott Snyder featured in Philadelphia Business Journal

Published: January 12, 2004

In an interview with the Philadelphia Business Journal DSI COO Scott Snyder discusses his growth plans for the company. Click here to read the article. Read more »

Paul Schoemaker Quoted in HBR

Published: April 28, 2001

In the Harvard Business Review Blog on Best Practices, Paul Schoemaker explains the cognitive reasoning behind why most people overreact to mistakes made in the office place. To read the… Read more »