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Leadership Development Programs

Premier strategy and leadership courses from our world-class faculty

In a world of increasing uncertainty and changing market dynamics, strategic capability is key to navigating uncharted terrain and staying ahead of competitors. We help leaders develop these capabilities through our broad suite of leadership development offerings. Designed to inspire clients to think differently, these courses equip leaders to adapt, lead and succeed — even in turbulent times.

With more than two decades of experience, our team integrates domain expertise, leading content, research-based frameworks and practical tools to develop leaders’ strategic aptitude. From strategic leadership, decision making and innovation, to change leadership, communication and strategic finance, we teach leaders to lead confidently into new territory. Our programs, taught by renowned faculty — many of whom serve as adjunct professors at top-tier institutions including Wharton Executive Education, Duke CE, UCLA and Emory University — help take our clients’ leadership skills to the next level. 

List of DSI Leadership Development Programs

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  • Strategic Leadership
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Change Leadership
  • Strategic Finance

  • Blue Ocean Strategy
    Strategy and Innovation

    Blue Ocean Strategy

    In today’s economic climate, most organizations compete in red oceans, stained by the blood of competition. We fight for market share, try to maintain prices, and execute more efficiently than others. Blue Ocean Strategy™ suggests an alternative. It urges us to explore how we can make our value offering so distinctive that we find the blue waters of new, uncontested market space… and make the competition irrelevant. It offers a systematic approach to creating that new market space. A Blue Ocean Strategy™ workshop is an engaging teambuilding event as well as a great way to introduce the methodology to map a creative, visual exploration of new market opportunities.

  • Business Acumen
    Strategic Finance

    Business Acumen & Value Creation

    Many successful leaders have difficulty bridging the gap between functional expertise and management skills. All too often, the specialized skills that made them invaluable in their former role become far less useful in a general management role, while the need for general business skills increases. This skill is often referred to as “business acumen,” which is an intuitive understanding of how companies make money. This course will “jump start” business acumen, help leaders develop compelling business strategies, as well as understand the levers that can be used to create value.

  • Critical Thinking & Decision Making
    Strategic Leadership

    Critical Thinking & Decision Making

    In today’s climate of increasing time pressure and uncertainty, making smart, profitable decisions is becoming more and more challenging. Yet, during these times, effective decision making is even more critical to the survival and prosperity of an organization. This program gives business leaders the tools to confidently make the most successful decisions in any economic environment. Participants walk away with a roadmap to navigate through their most complex current and future challenges.

  • Customer Experience
    Strategy and Innovation

    Customer Experience

    Consider these statistics from Harris Interactive’s Customer Experience Impact Report:

    – 86% of consumers quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience

    – 60% say they often or always pay more for a better experience.

    Even in a negative economy, customer experience is a high priority for consumers. How well is your organization delivering on the customer experience? Now is the time to be proactive and get serious about the customer experience.

  • Leading Shareholder Value
    Strategic Finance

    Leading for Shareholder Value

    A business is designed to maximize total shareholder value through meeting or exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders. Achieving maximum value is a function of tangible achievements such as revenue, operating margins, asset efficiency, financial leverage, etc. but also intangibles such as expectations. This course systematically evaluates these dynamic elements, which leads to deeper insights, more informed decisions, and greater business value.

  • Managing Execution
    Change Leadership

    Managing Execution

    In working with leading organizations on adaptive strategic planning, we have found that as companies adopt flexible planning processes, they often struggle to effectively connect the strategies to effective execution disciplines. The translation of clear strategies into well managed execution efforts is a critical yet often neglected transition. This engaging program is specifically designed to help leaders bridge that divide between the strategy setting process and day-to-day operations.

  • Peripheral Vision
    Strategic Leadership

    Peripheral Vision

    Recent events have highlighted the repercussions of missing important changes in the environment. No organization has gone untouched by the turmoil in economic conditions over the past few years. While surviving companies have responded with cost management measures, industry leaders and emerging innovators have looked to profit from continued uncertainty. Leading a Vigilant Organization requires a process, mindset and culture for identifying opportunities and threats before others.

  • Strategic Risk Management
    Strategic Finance

    Strategic Risk Management

    Current risk management approaches do not take into consideration the possibility of a future that is significantly different from the past, affecting the viability and value of the firm’s strategy. The systemic effect of the various risk factors, and the possibility to manage risk through a portfolio of strategic options are often not considered. This Strategic Risk Management (SRM) methodology provides a framework for addressing strategic risks by identifying, assessing, managing, communicating, and mitigating these risks.    

  • Strategic Teams
    Change Leadership

    Strategic Teams

    Today, businesses rely on teams more than ever to meet increasingly challenging goals. However, few leaders have a clear understanding of best practices for getting their teams to consistently exceed expectations. This interactive program is designed to help leaders improve the performance of their teams. The strategies and tools help participants increase their effectiveness at designing and leading all types of teams, including executive teams, task forces, virtual teams, and cross-functional teams.

  • Strategic Thinking
    Strategic Leadership

    Strategic Thinking

    In an era of unprecedented uncertainty, the ability to think strategically has emerged as a critical skill in helping leaders and organizations navigate change and sustain growth.DSI has formalized a framework and assessment tool for measuring strategic thinking and developing targeted interventions to close capability gaps in leaders and organizations. The Strategic Leadership Program develops capability in each of the Six Elements of Strategic Thinking, reinforced by coaching and application.

  • Strategy under Uncertainty
    Strategy and Innovation

    Strategy under Uncertainty

    We live in a world of uncertainty. Yet most organizations plan as if the world were predictable, developing point forecasts, budgets, and initiatives that will succeed as long as the external environment cooperates. This session will introduce an outside-in view of doing planning that actually embraces external uncertainties as a source of superior opportunities and profit, and present a step-by-step methodology for crafting an adaptive strategy under conditions of uncertainty.