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Leadership Development

//Building strategic capacity

In a world of increasing uncertainty and changing market dynamics, leaders must have the strategic capabilities to navigate uncharted terrain and stay ahead of competitors. Yet, most executives do not consider themselves to be strategic, or feel adequately trained to be strategic thinkers.

As educators from the world’s most prestigious institutions, including Wharton, Duke CE and INSEAD/CEDEP, we teach clients how to think strategically, lead and ultimately succeed in turbulent times. Whether related to a targeted strategy or general leadership development, our teaching, coaching and planning strengthens the strategic capacity of our client organizations.

Assess strategic aptitude.

If you are struggling to develop long-term strategic proficiency in your organization, you are not alone. Being “strategic” has been labeled as the most critical dimension of an organization’s future success, yet a staggering seven out of 10 leaders today are not strategic, according to Chief Executive Magazine.

To bridge this leadership gap, we have identified a common framework to measure and develop the required strategic skillset of key talent. Based on The 6 Key Elements of Strategic Thinking — the ability to anticipate, challenge, interpret, decide, align and learn — our proprietary Strategic Aptitude AssessmentTM, as seen in Harvard Business Review, allows clients to:

  • Assess and better understand critical leadership gaps at their organization
  • Strengthen the holistic strategic skillset of cross-functional teams
  • Develop targeted, measurable intervention plans for key talent and emerging leaders

Learn more about the Strategic Aptitude Assessment.

Develop and refine learning programs.

We work side-by-side with clients to design and deliver world-class executive development programs that build strategic leadership capabilities. Our workshops, applied learning and virtual delivery models enable teams and individuals at every level to achieve greater performance as strategic leaders. 

  • Connect learning to concrete business realities
  • Align program content and delivery to match future capability requirements
  • Develop agile leaders capable of addressing critical business challenges to increase competitive advantages
  • Deliver a broad range of strategy and leadership content taught by our world class faculty. Click here to see a list of some of our courses

Grow through strategic advising. 

Are you ready to drive impact? In an increasing complex climate, your organization needs strong leadership to navigate uncertain waters and drive profitability. As a leader, you are tasked to manage complex, long-term change but are often left to your own resources. Be sure to have the tools you need to translate your ideas into tangible action.

Our faculty and learning experts serve as advisors to officers, executives, trustees and senior teams. Coaches help organizations apply the concepts, skills and capabilities introduced through formal learning programs to translate ideas into tangible action. Our strategic advising helps leaders: 

  • Analyze the critical questions that illuminate necessary action and changes
  • Leverage a validated framework for strategic thinking
  • Institutionalize a common language and model across leadership teams