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Strategic Aptitude Assessment

A static, strategic plan is not enough to drive or sustain success. Organizations need adaptable strategic plans that act as living breathing documents, rather than paperweights.

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Our Strategic Aptitude Assessment™ unpacks The 6 Key Elements of Strategic Thinking to help leaders identify and improve their strategic approach to succeed in more than one future.

The 6 Key Elements of Strategic Thinking include:

  1. Anticipate: proactively monitoring the market environment and changes inside and outside your industry
  2. Challenge: questioning organizational and industry-wide assumptions that others take for granted
  3. Interpret: connecting multiple data points in new and insightful ways to make sense of complex, ambiguous situations
  4. Decide: seeking multiple options to ensure flexible decision-making
  5. Align: engaging stakeholders to understand change readiness, manage differences and create buy-in
  6. Learn: continuously reflecting on successes and failures to improve performance and decision-making

What kind of strategic thinker are you? In these uncertain times, there’s no room for gaps in strategic thinking. Click the link below to take the DSI self-assessment to see how you stack up against top leaders in the six key areas of strategic aptitude.

Click here to take a sample version of the Strategic Aptitude Assessment™, or if you would like to learn how to implement the full assessment with the leaders in your organization, contact us here.

Are you or someone you know particularly strong or innovative in one or more of the elements?  We’d love to know more — tell us here.