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Growth & Innovation Strategies

Adaptive PlanningAlternative Future Studies – We use our wealth of knowledge and expertise in scenario planning to take organizations beyond the here and now – to explore a variety of possible futures. We use a research-based approach to provide a comprehensive view of potential industry shifts and how organizations must adapt in order to survive and succeed.

Strategic Planning – Our collaborative approach to strategic planning is engaging and impactful. We help individuals at every level cope with their unique business challenges. Our disciplined practice of uncertainty planning provides institutions with the insights they need to make more robust, long-term strategic decisions.

Innovation – We are one of the few consulting firms in North America to hold the Blue Ocean StrategyTM certification. This practice provides a different approach to innovation and helps identify uncontested market space, which builds a natural and sustainable competitive advantage. We also lead Innovation Venture Programs, which encompass a broad range of potential experiments that help team members arrive at stronger business case pilots.

Stress Testing – We help organizations conduct thorough stress tests, in order to better understand how existing investments and strategy initiatives stack up against different plausible futures. Our process identifies areas of risk as well as value, creating opportunity for growth and evolution.

Strategic Advisory Services – Our senior partners serve as advisors to organizations on issues of strategy, positioning and leadership. We possess deep expertise on long-term strategic planning, decision making and strategic execution to assist clients grappling with their toughest business challenges.


The DSI Future-Centered Approach