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Dynamic Strategy

//Strategizing for short- and long-term success

Sixty percent of executives admit their organization was blindsided by three or more high-impact events over the past five years. Yet many continue to rely on tools and approaches focused on yesterday’s success instead of adopting a new lens appropriate for looking into the future.

As expert strategists and educators, we help organizations craft strategies that enable success both today and tomorrow, and arm company leadership with the know-how to execute and adapt plans as the future unfolds. Our unique framework and methodology embraces change as a source of opportunity, and blends both innovative and disciplined strategic thinking to deliver more flexible, profitable decisions and growth strategies.

Develop and stress-test your strategies. 

Our disciplined practice of uncertainty planning provides you with the insights you need to make more robust, long-term strategic decisions. Using a collaborative approach to planning that is engaging and impactful, we help individuals at every level cope with their unique business challenges. 

  • Achieve organizational alignment around key strategic issues

  • Mitigate risk by shock-proofing strategy

  • Build organizational capacity to incorporate scenario thinking into strategic planning

Create growth and innovation strategies. 

Knowing that 85 percent of traditional innovation approaches fail today, we guide and coach leaders through an unparalleled approach to innovation, which helps identify uncontested market space and build natural and sustainable competitive advantages. As one of the few consulting firms in North America to hold the Blue Ocean Strategy™ certification, we help clients:

  • Assess market realities and identify “blue oceans” to drive growth strategy

  • Integrate the tools and frameworks to shift organizational culture from performance- to learning-driven

  • Carefully align employees, partners and leaders in the innovation process

  • Foster learning as an ongoing success requirement for innovation

Master competitive decision-making. 

Experts in decision science and behavioral finance, we engage teams in a dynamic, process of risk-based strategic decision making to prepare executives to make tough calls with confidence. Our approach allows teams to understand their competitors’ past, present and future in the marketplace while also helping to optimize the pivotal choices awaiting leadership in the near and more distant future.

  • Ensure team alignment on critical competitive issues

  • Assess leaders’ preparedness to make decisions, including strengths and weaknesses in strategy and execution

  • Increase competitive anticipation through experiential war-game exercises

  • Develop a playbook of alternative actions and optimal responses to various environmental triggers