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Case Story: Restructuring

Restructuring to reduce costs and boost collaboration across a company’s global footprint



A leader in engineering and construction approached DSI hoping to achieve greater efficiencies globally. The organizational structure was fragmented, with P&L responsibilities residing at the business unit level. Resource hoarding and a general lack of collaboration and alignment across the company was commonplace. With most of its competitors organized around business lines and able to deploy resources globally, our client was challenged with demonstrating global project delivery expertise to potential clients.


DSI led the company’s corporate team through a planning effort that allowed for open discussion and debate on key organizational issues, ultimately leading to the realization of the need for structural change. Through these sessions, as well as in-depth competitive analysis, DSI designed an optimal hybrid organizational structure that would help achieve global efficiencies and add value to customers. We developed key performance indicators for executive ownership and accountability to drive stakeholder alignment across the organization, as well as integrate project management and back-office functions on a global basis.


As a result of implementing our recommended organizational model throughout its global operations, our client fostered a greater sense of collaboration and unity across a previously fragmented group of operating units. An added benefit to the restructuring was a reduction of costs due to the alignment of back-office functions. The greatest benefit, however, was the new consistent approach to client management and project delivery around the world, which increased client satisfaction globally.