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Case Story: Product Launch

Creating an alternative playbook to capture market opportunity



Our client, a major pharmaceutical company, was preparing to launch a potential blockbuster in the diabetes space. The class had one well-established player (A) and a widely assumed second-to-market product (B). Given the sequencing of FDA approvals, industry consensus was that our client’s drug (C) would be the third to enter the class.


Using our Competitive Anticipation Program (CAP), DSI was able to help the company understand the key strategic decisions that it would likely face around the launch. In the process, we surfaced several “what-ifs,” including a significant change in market entry position. To explore these possible scenarios, DSI stress-tested several core market assumptions and created an alternative playbook of strategic decisions.


Fast-forward six months, the FDA surprisingly placed considerable new data demands on competitive product “B” – delaying its launch by several years. Our client’s drug “C” was prepared for the competitive onslaught of market leader “A” and ready to capture the upside of the second-to-market opportunity because it had a strategic alternative playbook in its back pocket.