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Case Stories

Our goal in every engagement is to help our clients create and sustain adaptive organizations. These case stories demonstrate a variety of ways we help our clients achieve that goal through strategic decision making and critical thinking.

Risk-based Decision-makingRisk-based Decision Making

Applying behavioral economics to enhance decision making and risk taking
Emerging from the financial crisis, a global investment firm wanted to improve the ability of investor teams to make better decisions. They observed that various portfolio managers were taking too much or too little risk, and that bias might be playing a role in investment performance. Read more »



Stand in the customer’s shoesCustomer Centricity

Stand in the customer’s shoes: What’s best for the customer is best for the business
In the context of financial stress and extreme uncertainty, a bank focused on mapping capabilities for future business growth, and developing a compelling strategic narrative as a rallying point for key stakeholders. Read more »



cs-productLaunch-thumbProduct Launch

Creating an alternative playbook to capture market opportunity
Our client, a major pharmaceutical company, was preparing to launch a potential blockbuster in the diabetes space. The class had one well-established player (A) and a widely assumed second-to-market product (B). Given the sequencing of FDA approvals, industry consensus was that our client’s drug (C) would be the third to enter the class. Read more »



cs-salesStrategy-thumbSales Strategy

Refocusing strategy to spur sales
A global pharmaceutical company needed to change its sales focus in response to a changing environment where pharmacists cared more about providing patient value within severe budget constraints than the science that gave their products an edge. Read more »



cs-succession-thumbSuccession Planning

Assessing rising internal talent with the needs of executive positions to plan for the future
A multi-billion dollar global materials company was looking to ensure a smooth transition for its senior team closing in on retirement. At the same time, it wanted to put in place a systematic succession planning process. Although a significant industry player, the company was hit hard by the 2008 economic crisis, and the new market environment meant the incoming team needed a different mindset and skillset to lead successfully in the future. Read more »




Restructuring to reduce costs and boost collaboration across a company’s global footprint
A leader in engineering and construction approached DSI hoping to achieve greater efficiencies globally. The organizational structure was fragmented, with P&L responsibilities residing at the business unit level. Resource hoarding and a general lack of collaboration and alignment across the company was commonplace. With most of its competitors organized around business lines and able to deploy resources globally, our client was challenged with demonstrating global project delivery expertise to potential clients. Read more »