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Vigilant Leadership for an Uncertain World

Welcome to the “Vigilant Leadership for an Uncertain World” podcast featuring Dr. Roch Parayre of Decision Strategies International.

TLE logoWhat caused Corning to change shift strategy from bakeware to fiber optics? And, why did FW Woolworth’s lose relevance and Wal-mart gain prominence? Hindsight is always clear – but as a leader, how can you spot the signals that may require different action in order to stay ahead of the competition?

The podcast below will introduce you to the concepts of scenario planning and strategy under uncertainty.  If this is your first time viewing this podcast on this device, please enter your Microsoft email address after entering the password. Following the podcast, you will complete a brief, 30 minute exercise to identify a potential disruptor that could influence the future role of IT and Microsoft. The instructions for completing the Market Disruptor exercise have been uploaded here. This will be a topic of discussion on the first day of the program.

Please be patient after you hit play to allow for the podcast to load.

If you have any questions about the content or issues regarding viewing the podcast, please contact Franklin Shen at