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Industry Reports

Our industry scenario reports foster higher quality strategic thinking by helping various industry stakeholders anticipate key opportunities and threats, identify innovative and winning strategies within an industry, and sense and respond to important weak signals in the environment.

The Future of Banking Report

Banking is an industry undergoing huge change. Multiple forces are playing out simultaneously, although often at different speeds and at varying intensities across the globe. Understanding what is shaping the industry, and more importantly, how to optimise your strategy in response, is crucial in crafting a sustainable competitive advantage. Read more »

The Florida Financial Hurricane: A Credit Union Risk Management Case Study

Risk has many faces. At times its profile is clear and unambiguous. Other times, through second and third order impacts, it takes down even the prudent steward…. This is the… Read more »

Scenarios for the Future of The EU Thermal Hard Coal Sector by 2030

The future of this sector is uncertain. A host of political, social, environmental, market and technological dynamics are at play that make predictions a hopeless effort. The recent nuclear disaster… Read more »

2015 Scenarios for Credit Unions in North America

DSI, in partnership with the Credit Union Executives Society (CUES), developed 2015 Scenarios for Credit Unions in North America to further build upon the earlier work 2010 Scenarios for Credit… Read more »

Scenarios for the Future of the U.S. Electricity Grid

On September 4, 1882, Thomas Edison fired up a large generator plant at Pearl Street in downtown New York City, lighting 400 of his incandescent bulbs in office buildings and… Read more »

The Future of BioSciences: Four Scenarios and Their Implications for Human Healthcare

In the coming years, the convergence of genomics, proteomics, stem cell research, regenerative medicine, bioinformatics, nanotechnology and other life science technologies will pose significant opportunities and challenges in every sector… Read more »

The Long and Winding Road, Histories of Aging and Aging Services in America

The aging services industry in America is on the brink of seeing shifts in its processes, technologies and business models due to the prediction that the demographic aged 65 and… Read more »

Navigating Uncertainty: Future Scenarios for Technology Services

Today’s technology service and support business model is rapidly changing. To successfully navigate the shifting landscape, leaders in the services industry need to anticipate these changes and identify strategic options… Read more »

How Blue Is Your Ocean? Value Innovation and Credit Union Strategy Development

Stagnant credit union growth and undifferentiated strategies magnify the need for credit unions to innovate. However, we cannot simply point to the trends occurring in the credit union industry and… Read more »

Future Scenarios for the U.S. Dairy Industry

For the U.S. dairy industry, everything but the cow has changed,and with genetic engineering, even the cow is changing. The industry is seeing shifts in its processes, technologies and business… Read more »

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