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DSI is known across the world as an innovator in strategic decision-making, managing uncertainty and other strategic issues facing organizations that grapple with the ever-changing rules of the market. But we are more than theorists. We write from experience about what works in the real world. We invite you to explore the resources in this section and learn from our experience, developed over more than 20 years.

Are “industries” a thing of the past?

Have you ever considered how your business would operate in a world without current industry boundaries? At a time when channel lines are more blurred than ever — think big… Read more »

What Will Shape the Future of Banking?

Banking is an industry undergoing huge change. Multiple forces are playing out simultaneously, although often at different speeds and at varying intensities across the globe. Understanding what is shaping the… Read more »

4 Steps to Sharpening Your Business Strategy with a Competitive Edge

Ready or not, the competition is coming fast, furious and from all directions. Is your business prepared? Prepared to contend with traditional competitors that are innovating and evolving their business… Read more »

Enhancing the Risk Management Mindset Part II: The ‘ALearn’ Stage

As illustrated during the global financial crisis, risk management has become overly dependent on algorithms, Value at Risk (VaR) modeling and other tools that often create false confidence. Managing risk… Read more »

Is Expertise Becoming Obsolete?

The signs of today’s increasingly uncertain marketplace are everywhere: volatile market conditions, rapid change driven by technology and connectivity, new market entrants. You name it, it’s probably changing — and… Read more »

Enhancing the Risk-Management Mindset Part I: The ‘ACID’ Test

More than four years into the economic recovery from the global financial crisis, business leaders are more aware of risk management than ever. In fact, a recent Google search of… Read more »

Business Lessons From … Comics?

We know that anticipating is a key element of strategic thinking. While leaders often rely on traditional sources of predicting the future, such as forecasting trends and sensitivity analyses, they… Read more »

Pulse Check: Are You Overconfident?

Are you an expert on a particular topic? Are you sure? Studies on overconfidence, one of the most researched decision biases, tell us time and again that if you’re an… Read more »

Six Characteristics of a Good Critical Thinker

Leaders know “critical thinking” is important — but few people have actually defined what that means or requires. Check out the three-minute video below (courtesy of AthenaOnline) as I outline… Read more »

Companies that Learn Together, Earn Together

You and your customers may work in different sectors of the industry, operate within different organizational structures or be located in different geographies, but you have one very important thing… Read more »

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Steve Krupp

Steve Krupp

Senior Managing Partner

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Franklin Shen

Senior Consultant

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Eric Skoritowski


Jarrad L. Roeder

Jarrad L. Roeder

Strategy & Leadership Consultant