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DSI is known across the world as an innovator in strategic decision-making, managing uncertainty and other strategic issues facing organizations that grapple with the ever-changing rules of the market. But we are more than theorists. We write from experience about what works in the real world. We invite you to explore the resources in this section and learn from our experience, developed over more than 20 years.

How to Develop Critical Thinking

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, “Bosses Seek ‘Critical Thinking,’ but What is That?” reporter Melissa Korn highlights the growing challenge that faces HR and business leaders alike. Both would agree that “critical thinking” is a crucial skillset for their employees, from entry level to senior executives – but what exactly is critical thinking? How do we know if we have it? And if we don’t, how can we build it? Read more »

Groupthink at the Secret Service

The recent White House invasion by a knife-wielding veteran is reminiscent of historic events like the Challenger Space disaster, Fukushima, the Gulf Oil Spill and many other tragedies where someone spotted warning signs but could not get his or her voice to be heard. In this case, the breakdown wasn’t spawned by leaders dismissing diverse views, but by failing to create a culture where agents are forward-looking, unbiased, challenging assumptions and learning from mistakes. Read more »

Good news? Bad news? Stay the course.

In the movie “Argo,” Tony Mendez, a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) exfiltration specialist concocts the idea of filming a fake sci-fi movie to rescue American hostages from Tehran. As he proceeds… Read more »

Ok, it’s a VUCA world. Now what?

Uncertainty has increased over the last decade, and will continue to persist given trends in technology, globalisation and aging. Like it or not, VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) is today’s reality. Regardless… Read more »

Is Social Media Killing the Strategic Thinker?

The rise of social media has, at least in theory, helped to “shrink” the world, making it easier than ever to share ideas, thoughts and opinions with people – sometimes even virtual strangers – across the world or across the street. In reality, though, social media often has a negative effect on strategic, outside in, thinking. Read more »

The Three Challenges of the Strategic Change Leader

Consider for a moment the challenge of organizational change. First, one needs an insight…a new idea. Second, one needs the patience and skill to convert that idea into actions and behaviors. Finally, one needs to ensure that those behaviors are sustained over time. Read more »

Anticipate: The difference between proactive and reactive organizations

Why invest in anticipating the future? For proactive companies, the answer is because the future happens today. Reactive organizations are all too prevalent in today’s economy. Crisis management efforts focused… Read more »

Remembering Mandela: A Truly Transformational Leader

On the eve of his birthday, it is timely to remember Nelson Mandela, a truly transformational leader who revolutionized an entire continent, if not the world. Although the challenges of… Read more »

Future-Proofing Your Strategy: An Example of Scenario Planning in Action

It’s impossible to know for certain what the future holds. However, businesses operating in today’s volatile marketplace can’t afford to sit back, waiting to see how their industry, their customers… Read more »

Four Ways New Grads Can Help You Shake Up the Status Quo

Too often, the fresh perspective and unencumbered thinking of recent graduates is underutilized when they enter the workforce due to the traditional top-down management structure. Though the perspective of millennials… Read more »

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Steve Krupp

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