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//Creating paths for rewarding careers

DSI offers highly competitive career opportunities that are rewarding in more ways than one. We enable talent at all levels to work hand-in-hand with some of the world’s most prestigious organizations, collaborate with accomplished thought leaders and grow professionally while building the business. 

Game-changing Work

At DSI, you have the opportunity to work with leading organizations across the globe on cutting-edge issues and a diverse range of high-impact projects that fundamentally change the way companies, even entire industries, operate.

Entrepreneurial Culture

Our entrepreneurial culture provides early, elevated responsibility and flexibility while encouraging and rewarding autonomy, creativity and accountability. We provide unrestricted growth opportunities and allow you to shape your own career path, meaning you control your career at DSI.

Training & Development

True to our academic heritage and commitment to maintaining a world-class team, DSI encourages team members to build their unique talents through a proprietary training program for strategy, innovation, leadership and practical skill development. 

Performance-Based Rewards

We generously recognize individual contributions to the firm’s success with attractive compensation plans, performance incentives and attainable opportunities for upward mobility. 

Professional Growth

At DSI you have an opportunity to shape your own career path. Each of our employees has an impact on the growth and culture of the organization. In addition to building core professional services skills, DSI encourages people to build on their unique talents as their career develops. 

If you are interested in a career at DSI, please contact us via e-mail: